Traveling as a Student, Is It Worth It?

What is it like traveling as a student?   Have you always wanted to travel to other countries, but not sure of how to do it without breaking the bank? Do you have an opportunity to go across seas, but not sure if you can afford it?   In my junior year of college, IContinue reading “Traveling as a Student, Is It Worth It?”

Hydrators of The Ordinary Skincare

Gabriella and The Girls Hydrators of The Ordinary Skincare Have you researched Hydrators of The Ordinary Line? Are you struggling with keeping your skin hydrated? Are you still drinking lots of water, but not finding that it’s helping enough with your dry skin?   To be honest, I had the same issues when I startedContinue reading “Hydrators of The Ordinary Skincare”

Social Media Marketing for Beginners

Gabriella and The Girls Social Media Marketing for Beginners When it comes to social media are you having a hard time getting your name out there? Or is your branding lacking visuals? This is completely normal when it comes to starting out something new. There are days that we all struggle trying to find contentContinue reading “Social Media Marketing for Beginners”

The Ordinary Skincare Where to Begin

Gabriella and The Girls The Ordinary Skincare: Where to Begin Skincare has become a huge trend in the last year since we have been living through this pandemic. It honestly took me a while to get to the “trend” but it’s better late than never for sure. The Ordinary is one of the first productsContinue reading “The Ordinary Skincare Where to Begin”