Hydrators of The Ordinary Skincare

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Hydrators of The Ordinary Skincare

Have you researched Hydrators of The Ordinary Line? Are you struggling with keeping your skin hydrated? Are you still drinking lots of water, but not finding that it’s helping enough with your dry skin?


To be honest, I had the same issues when I started really taking my skincare seriously. If you keep reading, I am going to share my thoughts on a few products in the hydrating category that The Ordinary has to offer.



Today, I am going to be talking about different hydrating products from The Ordinary. The Ordinary has some really good products in this category, and I don’t even have all of the options that they carry.


I will focus on a few products today, letting you know my thoughts and experiences with how they work for my skin. These products include:


-Natural moisturizing factors + HA

-Amino acids + B5

-Hyaluronic acid



I have had mixed feelings about a few of these products, and my thoughts have also changed when figuring out better ways to use some of them.


But let’s get to it!


*disclosure* I am not responsible for any misuse of products mentioned in this article. Please consult The Ordinary team or a medical professional if you have any issues with these products. I am just sharing my experience with these products.


Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA


Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA is a really nice moisturizer. It is definitely a product you want to have on hand if you are new to moisturizers. It has a good consistency and it spreads really well over the skin.


At the beginning of my skincare “adventure”, I would only use this moisturizer, but I have since branched out and picked up a few more from other brands. But this is still a product that I use 5/7 days a week because of how it makes my skin feel.


It has a very subtle scent, that makes me feel really clean after I use it. I really enjoy how it compliments the rest of the products that I use in the routine.



Amino Acids + B5


Next, Amino Acids + B5. I am having issues with this product because I can’t find a good spot to use it in my routine. I started by using this by itself, and it’s extremely watery so it doesn’t spread very well.


For a good while, I was mixing it with the niacinamide powder, and it worked, but again because of how watery it was, it was hard to spread.


I have even tried mixing it with my foundation at one point because of how dry my skin was getting, but so far, I just have not enjoyed how it spreads so I am not the biggest fan.


I have not kept up with this product because I cannot find the right way to use it, and it really does not seem like it is doing a lot for me. There is definitely a good reason to keep it and a great product to mix it with, I just have not gotten there yet.


If you have any suggestions of what I can do with Amino Acids + B5 to keep using this product and learn to love it, please let me know!



Hyaluronic Acid


Another product that has seemed to really take over lately in my routine is Hyaluronic Acid. And when I say take over, I mean wow.


At first, I did not like this product at all. It is a thicker serum so the consistency just grossed me out. And it would leave my skin tacky. But also to find out I was using it incorrectly.


When you use hyaluronic acid by itself, you are supposed to apply it to a damp face (typically the first step after cleansing), so you don’t risk taking off other products. This does work well, but it personally was not my favorite since I like applying my products to a dry face.


I also tried mixing this product with the natural moisturizing factors + HA because on my dry days of using acids, I REALLY needed the extra hydration. This worked, but it still was not my favorite way to use either product.


But then, I had tried mixing the hyaluronic acid with the niacinamide power, and boy did that change everything.


The consistency of the serum, mixing with the powder was definitely a game-changer. I love using niacinamide to tackle my acne, and the hydration of hyaluronic acid was everything I needed.


I will use hyaluronic acid by itself now, and I don’t mind it anymore, but for me I definitely love using it with the niacinamide powder.



Pycnogenol 5%


The last product that I am going to touch on today is Pycnogenol 5%. Pycnogenol is a plant-derived antioxidant. This is a product that you can use AM & PM because of how well it hydrates your skin.


I would definitely use this product in every routine, except for the fact of how small the product is. You get 0.5 oz of the product when you purchase this. And it isn’t bad on how little you get, but if you wanted to use it so frequently you would be going through it very very quickly.


To help use less of this product, I only use it on my super dry days, like after I used Salicylic Acid Masque or Granactive Retinoid Emulsion.


And when I use the product I make sure that I mix one or two drops with my moisturizer. It really does go on so smooth and it feels so comfortable on my skin.


It does have a red color to it, so be careful to let your face dry completely before you put anything else on, or go to bed so it does not stain anything.


When I use this product, I feel like my skin is getting a big warm comforting hug. I really don’t know how else to explain it. My skin feels so good after using it, and the next day I am sad that I do have to clean my face again because of how good it feels.


I definitely recommend this product, especially if you have dry skin, but even if you don’t, I think it is for sure a must-have in your skincare routine.



Alright, ladies, I hope this was a good explanation of some of the hydrating products that The Ordinary offers. Please feel free to reach out with any questions, and I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!


Also, if you want to read more about my journey with The Ordinary line please click here!




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