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Social Media Marketing for Beginners

When it comes to social media are you having a hard time getting your name out there? Or is your branding lacking visuals?


This is completely normal when it comes to starting out something new. There are days that we all struggle trying to find content to create to make our products be successful. I have a few easy tools that I use to help me when it comes to these problems and I would love to share them with you.


Disclaimer: Please note that some links below are affiliate links. I will earn a small commission if you purchase through those links. I strongly recommend these products, and I used them before I became an affiliate. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding my affiliate links.


As a beginner, I think the hardest thing is getting attention from potential buyers. It can be hard to find clients because if you don’t know about them, how will they know about you?


For me, I had a lot of support from friends and family when I first started my Etsy shop. But I know there are a lot of people who don’t want their shop to be public to people they may know.


Honestly, I think that knowing someone who will share your stuff, is a great way to start getting more traffic. Because a share can lead to someone you don’t know who will buy your products.


One product that I invested in early in my business was from Popl. This is a digital business card! I really enjoy this product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to share their social and business information with anyone.


I like this a lot because you can post your link for anyone to see all your links at once. Another thing I really enjoy is that you don’t need it just for business purposes. If bar restrictions had been lifted by now, I think this would be a great resource to have.


virtual business card


Currently, I am using my Popl keychain, and I have a few different Popl stickies that I want to put on my new phone case once it arrives, that I will utilize at craft shows the most. All you do is have your phone open and tap the Popl, which will lead you to my link of info!


I got pretty excited when I first got my Popl because I could easily link all of my social media in one place for my small business. I do have the same username on all my socials.


virtual business card


But it is honestly so much easier just to get them all in one link instead of typing each one separately. I love it. 100% would recommend it to a friend. (And if you buy using my link, you get 20% off your entire order!)


When it comes to social media marketing, I think it is very difficult to figure out right away.


What Social Media to use


All the times I would post on social media, in the past, it was for social purposes, never for a business. And that is a big difference in the way you need to be producing your posts.


Facebook is a place that I don’t really plan on focusing any time on. I did a store launch announcement to my Facebook friends, which led to a lot of people sharing the post, and it gave my Etsy page a lot of traffic (and 6 orders on my first day!). But other than maybe a few store updates once in a while, I don’t intend to create content for Facebook.


Social media like Instagram is good to have, but I really have no idea all the things I could be doing better to get more engagement on my Instagram. I try and follow other small businesses to gauge what kind of content works well for them.


I see other shops doing really well. And even influencers. I think if you have a lot of time that you can dedicate to your social media, you will be golden. Because everything is based on algorithms now.




Everything on social media websites has to be pretty. Pretty is easy, if you know how to engage with your viewers. But as someone new to marketing it has been a little tricky for me. There are a lot of great resources to produce great content, trying to manage which ones work best for me will take some time.


I am so used to creating everything on my own, organically on different design software like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Procreate for my iPad, even by hand and scanned in. Which is so time-consuming. And creating at least 3 pieces of content for each social media a day, that’s a lot of time spent just editing!!


Creating a quick doodle and inserting text can be quick, but sometimes it is not that easy. There is a really cool resource that I have been slowly learning about lately, called Canva.


You have probably heard about this before because it really does help a ton and keeps everything cohesive. They even have a free account so you don’t have to pay for anything to get the beautiful templates.


It’s really super easy to use. You just choose a template that you like, replace their filler images with anything of your choice. Replace their colors with colors of your choice, and edit what the text says! It’s so easy!


I actually had a hard time at first with this because I wanted to be able to make my own thing 100%. But with more time spent on this site (they have mobile apps too), I really am growing to love it more and utilize it every single day.


Here are some images I have created with free templates from Canva.


canva design

canva template












They do have paid memberships also, and you can do a trial of the pro account for I believe a month before paying. I suggest waiting to do the free trial until you actually learn how to use Canva first. I did not wait and I used that free access when I really wasn’t a fan of the software.


You can actually build your brand colors into a setting and you just drag and drop the colors into any template, and they will convert! There’s even a button you can select to apply to any template you use.


Okay, enough of my rambling about this resource. Go try it out yourself here!


The next site I use that has helped me grow a lot is Pinterest! I know I preach about Pinterest all the time, but it seriously is a game-changer.


Pinterest is a collection of images that usually have links to blogs, and product pages. This is the best way to reach a large audience without having to do a lot of marketing on your own! Once you figure out the best way to promote your images (with links included). This will bring you the most numbers.


I personally have only created about 6 pins, only 1 to my blog so far, and I have almost 600 monthly views in just 1 week of posting anything! That is crazy! I can only wait to see how much I can grow in the future.


One last place that I really enjoy marketing on is TikTok. Tiktok is a place where you can upload videos of pretty much everything. A lot and I mean a lot of small businesses have taken off because their Tiktok video goes viral.


That is a dream of mine, but I am also nervous if that would happen!


There is always room to grow when it comes to social media. And the crazy thing is that the internet is constantly changing.


If you have any questions about anything I mentioned above please reach out!


xoxo Gabriella

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